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    I haven’t done this in ages but between sessions I’ve gotten some of my players to do a bit of creative writing (If they feel like it) a bit of back story / a written description of their character / a day in the life during down time. So I felt I’d give it a go, feel free to add your own 🙂

    *Extract found scribbled between spell research within the tome of Calphis the Thrice Damned*
    ….using arcane energies to force any portal closed would be… would… it’s no use I’m simply too tired! Today I spent the day walking back to the Dwimmermount and the evening having Zollus and Bittersalt knocking me to the ground under the thin guise of “Training” I know they enjoyed it too much! Master always said that a TRUE mage needed nothing but his Will to protect him but he hasn’t left his study in years, yes yes my Arcane armor is superior to the mundane but it takes focus and energy and I can be left helpless! Far better to spend time learning the simple arts of the Warrior and walk around encased in more than cloth… but focus upon learning even such simple things is tiring and will surely hinder my studies…

    *The next page and a half is filled with a mixture of Arcane research focusing on varying ways of protecting oneself and doodles of armor*

    …The child will soon be dead and it’s all my fault. No… no not this time, not my fault this time, Bittersalt! She is the one who insisted that he come along! I’ve calculated the odds of all of our party surviving a second delve into the Dwimmermount and… well see for yourself! I only go because I NEED to and I take no blame for the others, they go of their own free will for their own reasons, but the child is ill-equipped and untrained. I’ll have to speak to the others before we descend I just wish she would stop telling the child those unbelievable sailing stories as it will only encourage him to want to seek out his unavoidable death within the mount.

    *The next few pages are devoted solely to preserving someone freshly deceased*

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    (Been meaning to finish up more of these)

    *Extract found scribbled between spell research within the tome of Calphis the Thrice Damned*
    All men of intellect know the Gods are real. But I, like my master, always believed that they care not what most mortals do and the priests are no more then practitioners of a different facet of magic… more and more I’m convinced he was a fool. Not once but twice in this great mountain indisputable proof of divine presence has appeared to me.
    Whether the Gods have singled me out for greatness or if these halls draw their eye it matters not as this can only be to my advantage! Give Typhon his tribute in exchange for divine protection, the idea is simple enough but it may be troublesome in practice… I must speak to Brother Spenzar about this in greater detail.

    *a few pages of common prayers follow*

    It has become painfully obvious that coordinated tactics will not work with my headstrong allies, a more flexible strategy must be devised since they refuse to form a battle line to keep me away from foes. I am more convinced than ever that a short break from arcane research in favour of more mundane techniques will enhance my survivability if I plan to continue deeper into the mountain…
    *Most of the rest of the page is too damaged to read except for the following*

    …dammed spiders! I nearly got surrounded and my fool allies lagged behind as I raced toward a more defendable position. Despite all this I wonder how valuable their venom is but I doubt we’ll be going back anytime soon it’s time to regroup and have some sturdier equipment made. We wouldn’t have been in such danger if SOME people would aim more carefully and have their arrows strike our FOES but as my master always said “You must work with the ingredients you have and not the ones you wish for” maybe more proficient allies could be found in Adamas….

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    *Letter from the Chief Scribe, Temple of Typhon, to persons unknown*

    For the last time The High Archivist will not grant you an audience:
    He is far too busy divining the Will of Typhon to waste his time answering questions I have already answered, namely.

    1: There is not now nor has there ever been a Necromancer named Calphis within these hallowed halls.

    2: At no time did his Holiness hire this Calphis, or any other such heretical fool, to exterminate non-believers.

    3: His Holiness has no illegitimate children, and if he did he wouldn’t have them trained in the dark arts.

    If you persist in spreading these unfounded and rumours not only will you damage your standing in the Eyes of Typhon but I will have no choice but to inform The Despot himself!

    *The letter is unsigned but the hand writing has been matched to the Chief Scribe who to his day denies ever writing such a letter*

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    *From the opening chapter of the painfully named “Calphis: Man or Myth” *

    Dear reader you as I have heard the tales bards are gleefully telling of Calphis and his Three Damnations.

    The true account of how when he first stood before the great doors of the Dwimermount a simple wave of his majestic hand was enough to commanded them to be open! The calling forth arcane fire to burn an army of the foulest of Beastmen warms my heart I tell you and the joy of hearing how he restored the temples within Dwimermount brings a tear to my eye just thinking of the purity of that simple act. Indeed the Gods themselves were moved by his devotion. Dear reader did you not laugh upon hearing how Calphis, showing mercy, wrestled with the largest Beastman ever birthed!!!! How he tricked these Orcs of the Blue Cloak into thinking how after eating a great meal he Shat out the Sun. But within these pages I will tell you true histories that the bards DO NOT KNOW! Of the Darkness hidden in Dwimermount that the Priests of Typhon don’t want you to know about! Read on if you wish to learn of the Dragon in the Deep. The Three Scantily Clad Priestess. The Goblin and the Ghoul. And the Eye of Terms Termax!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    *As you can see the “Writer” clearly was delusional, misinterpreted facts and never paid attention to his tutors about basic grammar. But some of these wild claims do vaguely correspond with other sources*

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    *A letter from Sword Master Dalgiesh, of Adamas*

    I need to order a few more of those practice blades they had good balance but broke too easily, see if you can’t make them a bit stronger.

    Had a bit of a strange week, took on another whelp wanting to learn to fight. Not a farmer this time thought he had the look of a scribe when I first saw him. Not enough muscle on him and tired too quickly but fast enough reflexes to work with, a tad too much thinking in him if you know what I mean. So after running him through a few simple blade forms I try and see what he’s made off you know knock the whelp around a bit, test his temper.

    Well I can tell right away he’s holding back, not in terms of skill mind you he may have been in a fight or two but he barely knew how to hold a blade, no he was holding something back so I push him a bit more hit him nice and hard a few times. I’ll tell you something I wasn’t expecting how he would snap.

    As I swing at him he shouts out and my blade bounces off nothing, fool tried to tell me he just got lucky as if I haven’t fought against a wizard before, tries to lie right to my face if you can believe that. Anyway the fool seemed so worried I couldn’t stay mad at him I mean he’s hardly the first wizard to realise that spells won’t protect you out in the real world.

    Lad gave me a nice pouch of Gold for my trouble so I’ll be coming to visit next midsummer see if you can’t get some of that Dwarf drink we had last year again.

    *I think you’ll agree this is rather a noteworthy find*

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