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    *Repost here from Facebook*

    1: Since we all leveled we’ll need to have a few days resting/training in town (yay new spells) but Sasha wrote that we could Pre-Train (couldn’t find the link to that) for a bit of gold so when we have enough XP we could go to level 3 inside the mountain. Which means we could spend longer in there but then we’d have to spend more time in the town now.
    How much Gold does this cost and do people want to do this (Also do we have enough funds)

    2: When we get back to the mountain (Assuming nothing forces us to change plans) where shall we check out first.

    A: The room the Dog-Sized-Rats went into.

    B: The area the Evil Undead attacked Balefire/Belfur (not sure on correct spelling) the friendly Dwarf who paid us his savings for bringing him home.

    C: Where we know the Orcs were hanging out.
    Bearing in mind the Orcs may have more ambushes for us once they find a whole bunch of their mates hacked up.

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    I say where the Orcs are hanging out. I feel we’re getting the hang of this whole “Fighting Orcs without dying” shebang.

    Pre-training sounds like a plan if the money suffices.

    BTW we’re playing this Wednesday, right?

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     Sasha Boctus 

    Yes, we’re playing this Wednesday.

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    Judging from the Players Intro it will cost 400gp to Pre-Train so we can’t do that at the moment.

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    Hello folks! Do you have any spaces free in your game for a 5th ed. noob? I’ve been playing D&D of one stripe or another for nearly (fuck) 20 years, live right around the corner, and would been keen to give the new version a shot. If not, no biggy, but let me know if you do!

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    Hey mate I’m not sure Sasha is adding more players as we have 6 at the moment (and he said that would be his max) though I know that there are now some other RPG groups playing now at H.A.T.E

    We will be playing our campaign this Wednesday from 6:30 so if you’re about you can always say hi.

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    Oh we’ll be the loud group of 7 with a huge mound of snack food on the table 🙂

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    Nice one, I’ll swing by and say hello!

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