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    Good Morning!

    So HATE club is ticking along nicely now. We have a regular core of faces turning up every week/other week & we are most weeks breaking even with the venue hire. So that’s all good.

    HOWEVER in order to turn HATE club into the global super-power it should so totally be we really need to increase the number of people attending every week. The Bethnal Green Working Mens Club has plenty of space to expand into, what we need is people.

    Thanks to Monk & Tim we now have some promotional material so if you have somewhere you think might put a flyer up please let us know.

    A few area’s I’d really like to try to grow are Boardgames & Role-playing games. So if you know of anyone that might be interested in coming along give them a poke, if you know of any clubs/shops that might put up a flyer give us a shout or if you have a cunning way to attract more people Post here!

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    I can spam all the 40K sites if you like, assuming nobody else has? Link to this website or FB page though?

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    I think the key really is pushing the non-40K “niche” crowd, i.e. advertise for Warmahordes, x-Wing, Necromunters, historcal wargamers and boardgamers. We’ve so far geared most of our communications and advertising efforts towards Warhammer.

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    I still haven’t got round to putting together a “hello” thread for Yaktribe, which seems to be the main Necromunda fansite. I’ll do that sometime this week.

    Also would the server admin like a nicer .ico for the favicon? The lack of transparency is making my design brains twitch.

    Grab it from I made it for the Necromunda repository for house rules/stats etc. for whenever we start a new campaign.

    Edit – no link tags? Ewww.

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      Edit – no link tags? Ewww.

      The day we allow “proper” HTML tags in posts is the day the first random Russian 12-year-old kid hacker is taking over our website 😛

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