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    Michael will edit this topic at some point soon, I hope 😉

    How to register on this site to help us fight the spam bots:
    1. cannot find activation email? – check spam box for emails
    2. emails are not allowed as a registration email for spam reasons
    3. upload avatar [required], other suggestions – welcome comment in activity stream ect.

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    Hi HATE,

    I’m a local resident looking for a gaming club, mainly for Blood Bowl
    & was pointed in your direction from a member online.
    Give me a shout via e-mail & let me know if there’s a place for me.

    All the best, Rich.

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    Please read this when registering

    We have a lot of fake/spammy sign-ups here, and they require a lot of manual cleaning, despite all the automatic protection we have in place.

    If you sign up, we will expect you to fill in your profile halfway sensibly and upload a profile photo.

    If you don’t upload a profile photo within a couple of hours of signing up, expect your account and your posts to be deleted.

    Sorry to sound harsh, but this is to ensure that we all have fun on here rather than being spammed about discount sunglasses and Swedish penis pumps.

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