They see me looting, they hating.

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    Right since we seem to not want to show people in town that we’ve been in the mountain (The keep other pesky explorers away for a bit longer) we need to decide what to do with the loot as some of it is very old and people might know it came from Dwimmermount.

    Question: How much of our 500gp (Found on the Orcs) was changed into normal coin?
    Do we think we can sell all of these items without raising questions…

    Orc Sized Chain Shirt
    Orc Studded Leather x 2
    Battle Axe
    3 Spears
    5 Old Xbows
    5 wooden Shields from Orcs
    (The Dwarf stuff which is still in the mountain)
    3 Golden Shields

    Might have missed things because I am too focused on not being ambushed by more Orcs

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