Traditional-style American Wargames

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    I’m looking to bring some two-player, hexes, lots of cardboard counters and a combat resolution table war games in. Anyone biting at all?

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    I’d be up for that. Never played one but would be interested to see how they work. Any particular ones you’ve got?

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    I got a nice selection of American War of Independence, US-Canadian Border War, and American Civil War ones, plus a Crusades ones and several Yom Kippur ones.

    So North America or Israel, basically 😉

    About half of them are card-driven, the other half purely dice-based. Mostly either GMT or Multi-Man Publishing.

    Any preferences for mechanics and/or settings? 🙂

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    I am anonymous. No, not that one, the other one. Honest.

    I’ve got no major preferences, other than if you think one might be the easer to learn to play, that would be great. If they’re all much of a muchness, I’d be interested in a Yom Kippur war one.

    If there’s no D&D next Wednesday, I’ll be free to play next Wednesday (7pm onward). Would that work with you?

    Ed (BOOM!)

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