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     Simon Munk 

    Just a brief message on this forum (as I’m mainly on the Facebook page). I’m from the new RPG crew (most often in the corner).

    We play a mix of weirdy role-playing games with the emphasis more on role than roll. In other words, not much D&D, but Ars Magica, Hillfolk, Pendragon, Trail Of Cthulhu, Cyberpunk, Underground, Dark Heresy and lots of other stuff.

    We alternate weeks. Most of us play just role-playing games, but some alternate weeks of tabletop and RPG. So at any time we’ll have two games running, alternating weeks, with each running six or so weeks. We’ll try and post up on the Facebook “Challenge board” (and maybe even here) when we are due to start a new run of stuff.

    We’re a friendly lot, like most people at HATE. So come on over if you’re interested to see what we’re up to, or join in. We’re very nice to RPG newbies. And we don’t bite (any more than anyone else at HATE does). See you at the bar!

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